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Maybe just like you, I knew very little about what sales as a career even meant when I took the plunge to try something new over 13 years ago. I was fresh out of the restaurant industry, sick of being overworked and underpaid. And definitely sick of smelling like french fries. Today I build, grow and lead sales teams, helping those early in their sales career at building and maintaining the skills needed to rise through the ranks. Early on I learned the basic sales skills by either on the job training or personal self development, but there were so many other things affecting my work that I didn’t even realize. Whether it be the stacked up credit cards I hadn’t learned how to manage, to the daily take out food affecting my mood (see the rhyme there?), I wasn’t always performing at my most elite levels. I look forward to bringing experts together in different focus areas that will hopefully share some ways you can better prepare earlier on.

I’ve worked mainly with startups or small companies that are gearing up for growth and scale, putting processes and playbooks in place to support the expansion. Today I am VP of Sales at Clora, a Life Science Marketplace matching businesses with high quality expertise. Prior to that I was Sales Director of ezCater, another marketplace connecting companies who order business catering with restaurants and caterers that serve their area. During my almost 4 years at ezCater, I helped scale from the small sales team of just a half dozen, to the almost 150 employee team by the time I left.

I am also part of the Executive Council for WISE (Women in Sales Everywhere), a mentor with the BBJ (Boston Business Journal) and a sought after speaker for groups such as the Sales Club at Hult International Business School where I spoke about launching a career in sales.

So why Mama Sales? I truly enjoy bringing my own personal connection to the teams and sales professionals that I work with. I dislike the “command and control style”, and prefer to foster a community where people not only enjoy the work that they are doing but the people they are doing it with. So, do I bring my nurturing “mama” side to the workplace when needed? Hell ya, the same way I have to bring my “sales” side home to my 4 year old when she’s trying to put one past me.

There are so many things that I wish I had learned earlier on in my career. If you’re looking for a place to not only become a stronger sales professional, but a better you, than you’ve come to the right place.

Cate Elliott

Engagement Manager

Cate has 4 years of sales experience in SaaS and ecommerce B2B sales, closing new business and managing accounts across many verticals. She currently works on the Inside Sales team covering North America at Scandit, the world’s leading provider of enterprise-grade computer vision solutions. Cate originally met Colleen while working on the client services team at ezCater. She is very excited to have the opportunity to manage branding, content, and design at Mama Sales and Sales Strong. Her main focus in her sales career is to grow professionally and help other salespeople succeed.

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