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About Our Podcast

I’ve started this community as a place for sales professionals to come together to learn and share on a variety of topics I have found to be important and relevant over the years. This will be an outlet to learn about sales techniques and tactics, but also inclusive of one’s whole wellness. I believe that all aspects of your well being are important to ensure you can bring your best self to work and perform at your most elite levels. 

The topics that you can expect to hear and read about are;

Emotional Wellness: Dealing with stress and better identifying yourself and values. Intellectual Wellness: Having a creative and strategic mindset, as well as expanding views about yourself or the world. Occupational Wellness: Defining your professional values, professional development, goal setting, and career advancement. Physical Wellness: Why healthier choices and physical movement are an important part of your daily routine. Financial Wellness: Managing your finances, preparing for large financial decisions, as well as managing budgets and debt. Spiritual Wellness: Maintaining the relationships best for your well being, defining your ethics and values to live by, and living a fulfilling life.

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