How I’ve helped clients grow!

What My Clients Say About Me!

Colleen was phenomenal to work for. She was incredibly efficient, supportive, and motivating to those on her team. Colleen brings significant value, discipline, and fun to every meeting and team she is a part of and represents the kind of personality and skill set I will always look for in a sales leader!
Brooke Fitzgerald
Practice Development Manager II at Allergan
I had the pleasure of working for Colleen for two years. As anyone who is successful in her position needs to be, Colleen is smart, hardworking and a great saleswoman. However, I feel she sets herself apart with her unique ability to build and lead awesome teams. Colleen has hired and cultivated some of the most incredible professionals I have ever worked with.
Sarah Smith
Senior Customer Success Manager, Notarize
It’s not what Colleen said, but more of how she acted that taught me the most. Colleen was the first mentor and leader who demonstrated a commitment for both my personal and professional development. Her genuine approach of leading with compassion and care for individuals as a whole helped me understand the real value leaders should add to those they serve.
Bryan Collier
Senior Sales Manager, ezCater
Colleen was my manager for 3 years and was an integral part of advancing my career through her ability to develop and empower me as a professional. She has a rare skill-set as a leader that challenges yet makes her team feel supported and encouraged. I was able to bring multiple business-unit ideas to fruition during my time working with Colleen- largely due to her mentorship and managerial approach. She brings a command presence to every room she enters while maintaining an approachable and warm personality. Colleen’s subject-matter expertise, internal motivation, and dedication are infectious. Colleen is a fearless leader who holds high standards when it comes to her business goals but more importantly has an innate drive that captivates colleagues, customers, and stakeholders alike.
Emmett Turner Jackson
Entrepreneur and Partnerships Executive, Stealth mode startup company
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